Presentation Traits of High Stake Presenters

These days, game shows seem to have exploded in popularity. One of the latest is 1 vs. 100, in which a contestant competes against a “mob” of 100 for a cool $1 million prize.

So, what does a game show have to do with presentation skills? Almost everything. Notice I said almost, because rather than facing a mob of determined opponents as in the show 1 vs. 100, chances are most speakers will be presenting to a room full of advocates. That’s right: your listeners want you to succeed.

But 1 vs. 100 is a perfect speaking metaphor in every other way. To win over an audience, game show contestants must be confident they have the knowledge to win; be strategic in their approach, and have enough passion to inspire listeners.

Confidence is your first component for success, whether you’re competing on TV or presenting at a conference. It’s critical for speakers to be confident about their message and willing to openly share their expertise. Self-assured presenters understand how and why their message is important, and speak with a heartfelt conviction that immediately engages listeners.

Successful “players” are also strategic in their approach. For presenters, this means crafting a message that is logically structured and unfolds like a compelling story. When your material is well organized, skillfully written, and carefully sequenced, attention is maintained and audiences are able to follow along with ease.

Finally, smart presenters can take a lesson in passion from their game show colleagues. Imagine a show that featured contestants completely devoid of personality or excitement. It may seem an obvious statement, but enthusiasm is contagious. If you are sincerely excited about your message, listeners can’t help but share your enthusiasm – and be inspired to take the appropriate action.

Whether you’re vying for millions in prizes or a standing ovation, you set the tone for success the moment you start formulating your message. By considering how high-stakes contestants achieve success, you’re guaranteed to look at high-stakes presenting in a whole new light.