Presentation Traits of High Stake Presenters

These days, game shows seem to have exploded in popularity. One of the latest is 1 vs. 100, in which a contestant competes against a “mob” of 100 for a cool $1 million prize.

So, what does a game show have to do with presentation skills? Almost everything. Notice I said almost, because rather than facing a mob of determined opponents as in the show 1 vs. 100, chances are most speakers will be presenting to a room full of advocates. That’s right: your listeners want you to succeed.

But 1 vs. 100 is a perfect speaking metaphor in every other way. To win over an audience, game show contestants must be confident they have the knowledge to win; be strategic in their approach, and have enough passion to inspire listeners.

Confidence is your first component for success, whether you’re competing on TV or presenting at a conference. It’s critical for speakers to be confident about their message and willing to openly share their expertise. Self-assured presenters understand how and why their message is important, and speak with a heartfelt conviction that immediately engages listeners.

Successful “players” are also strategic in their approach. For presenters, this means crafting a message that is logically structured and unfolds like a compelling story. When your material is well organized, skillfully written, and carefully sequenced, attention is maintained and audiences are able to follow along with ease.

Finally, smart presenters can take a lesson in passion from their game show colleagues. Imagine a show that featured contestants completely devoid of personality or excitement. It may seem an obvious statement, but enthusiasm is contagious. If you are sincerely excited about your message, listeners can’t help but share your enthusiasm – and be inspired to take the appropriate action.

Whether you’re vying for millions in prizes or a standing ovation, you set the tone for success the moment you start formulating your message. By considering how high-stakes contestants achieve success, you’re guaranteed to look at high-stakes presenting in a whole new light.

Bush Fower Essences to Help Public Presentation

Australian Bush Flower Essences. Just a drop under the tongue, or a thin cover of cream on your skin and you’re up for it! The supportive use of natural flower essences is a great one for creatives in the limelight.

Out and about, protected as you go about your creative endeavours, essential flower essences ‘clear the waters’ and ease the path. Creatives do powerful work in some very mucky places. Don’t go out alone without some extra, natural reinforcement of the body and soul!

There is a beautiful range of flower essences from the Australian bush that I love. There is an essence to help with every fragility and to draw out every type of strength required to live a balanced, calm life and remain centred when in the hotspot of giving a public presentation of any sort.

I recommend Australian Bush Flower Essences way above the more accepted self-medication methods of drugs and alcohol. D and A are fast relieving but the side effects both short and longterm are really painful. There isn’t a creative person alive who doesn’t have a tale of woe of a friend lost to bad behaviour through drugs and alcohol.

The beauty is that, at the very least, Australian Bush Flower Essences can do no harm. Try one for three days. You’ll feel the effects kick in very gently and begin noticing an easing of the symptoms that hold you back from joyful, easeful creativity.

Before going to a public presentation of any sort try placing a few drops of Australian Bush Essence of your choice (depending on what your individual issues are) under your tongue. They’ll help diminish the negative aspect and draw out the positive aspect of your energy.

Just as the build up to a public presentation is important so too is the wind-down. After a big event you might like to try a warm foot bath with the juice of two lemons in it to draw excess energy/over stimulation down away from your head. That way you can unwind, re-center and sleep easily after being so pumped by the adrenal ‘fight or flight’ rush that performance requires.

It’s worth the effort to take care of your own eco-system. Contrary to popular myth, the more solid you are the more creative. Let those whose job it is to destroy themselves in full public view play out their karmic debt. That’s not your job. Your job is to be well and nourish the world with beautiful material that heals.

How to Make Your Blog Presentable

Today blogs have become an effective source of communication. Whether you want to convey your ideas or to sell your products, the blog is a productive way to do it. However, the main work is to get the attention of a large number of people to your website and when they visit your site, convince them to buy.

The main requirement is to invite enough traffic and then maintain them on your site. Sustaining people on the site is important because otherwise they will go away and then you will have to find new traffic which can be really time consuming.

Make your blog presentable – an attractive and organized place to keep your traffic coming again. The writings on the blog should be simple yet interesting for people to go through it.

Keep your self updated with the new things and techniques, read the blogs of the other people and organizing it can make your subscribers coming back again and again.

Some times people just search and come in to your blog to have some information and when they get the desired data of their requirement, they leave the blog and never come back. However there is a way to draw back the people by attractive content added to your blog.

To sustain the subscribers confirms that your blog is going successful. To attract the attention of he new people can a really difficult task as well as it may take alloy of time therefore make sure that your already subscribes visit you back.

The best way to gain the attention of the already subscribers is to win their trust and once they have a trust on you and you product they will not only visit the blog again but also decide to buy your product.

There are many ways to attract your buyers. Having a quality products and offers can make you some confirmed clients and also you can offer incentives to your already members. This method will definitely attract people to your blog.