Educational Toys Make a Great Christmas Present

We as parents can give them presents with educational value. We feel no guilt in giving our children presents that help them explore and learn. The holiday is about giving but it can also be a way to replenish art supplies and learning materials at the same time. Giving craft kits to make presents for others teach children value of sharing and caring. When they get that set of loops and loom, they can make pot holders for family and friends. They made it their selves to give to someone else. This gives them a big sense of pride.

Educational toys are still very colorful and kids don’t realize they are learning. Toddlers and babies learn so much in a short time. Why not give them the tools that will help them later on. Learning is fun with the right toys that are introduced.

Just stuffed animals, never, this is a cuddle toy like no other. When the fur is ragged and worn, that toy has done its job of being a little childs’ best buddy to nap or play. When Ty Babies came out they were all the rage and they are still fun for many to collect. This is a good way for little ones to start a collection that can follow through and be enjoyed by their children. Collecting is a great way for kids to enjoy traveling when its something simple they can collect along the way. It can be something as simple as rocks or fall leaves to press in the big catalog at home. Simple things from nature teach them to
respect the mother earth.

When you give a child an ant farm they are thrilled to see the activity. This is a mystery to them without the window to uncover the secrets. Microscopes are a great present that will help them see what is invisible to the naked eye. Science toys are still a great gift and they are learning and enjoying.

Playhouses give little ones a sense of self when they are by themselves to have quiet moments to reflect and read. This is a great place for them to enjoy as a place all their own with everything their size. One is a school bus with the steering wheel in place in the top, large enough to enjoy for meaningful play.

Dress up is a way for little ones to play role models like Mom and Dad. You find out how well you are doing when you listen to the little voices from your children. They hear more than we think they do. Are you proud of the mirror image you are molding into a future Mom or Dad.