5 Secrets For Presenting To Crazy Busy People Virtually

Do more with less. That’s the new mantra in today’s economy. No doubt, you’re feeling the pressure to present to crazy busy people in virtual presentations-and do it fast. You might need help right now. Get 5 tips to save your career, save time-and impress your virtual audience.

Last week I got a call from a successful University professor. She was under the gun to come up with a virtual presentation she’d volunteered to give 6 months ago. At the time, her schedule was wide open and it seemed like a good idea.

But last week was a different story. She had a new private client, a teenager crisis and was interviewing for a new position. Talk about short on time. Oh yes, she liked be completely organized in everything she did. She didn’t feel she had time to take a presentation skills training-in person or online.

Should she bow out? Should she go ahead? Find out how she gained total confidence, delivered a dynamic virtual presentation, and built trust with her audience.

Here’s what happened to, let’s call her Sue.

Sue called me with a whirlwind of ideas. She could easily have gotten a PhD with all the concepts she wanted to present. Problem was, she only had an hour.

I introduced a few concepts and tips. Let me share these with you right now.

1. Reduce Scope
Take a surgical approach to your content. Cut it in half. Then cut it in half again. Repeat as needed.

While this sounds painful or even unthinkable, it will save you loads of time and pain. Plus, it will guarantee that your audience will understand exactly what you’re talking about.

2. Repeat Key Ideas
Remember that your audience is packed with people who are also crazy busy, with short attention spans. While you may believe your key ideas are crystal clear, do not leave this up to chance.

Improve retention by repeating your key points. If at all possible, focus on one single point and drive this home with repetition.

3. Simplify
You are an expert. You are smart. You are passionate about your topic and subject matter expertise. But your audience is overloaded. Do the heavy lifting for them. Simplify your concept into an easy-to-understand phrase and picture.

If you’re not sure how to simplify, work with an executive coach. In a short session, he or she will help you capture the essence of your story.

4. Share Your Personal Story
Speaking of stories, make it personal. Every day we have insights or something happens to us. Write these down in a journal. Keep this when and refer to your journal when you need to present to a group.

By gathering, valuing and using your personal stories, you’ll connect human-to-human with your audience. Plus, there’s an added bonus. Your stories are unique. You won’t sound just like the last presenter-or the next one.

5. Give A Way To Practice
Help your listeners and viewers put new skills into action. Provide time and a way for them to practice-within your presentation. This is very engaging and will encourage people to get involved on the spot.

With these tips in hand, Sue realized that she could easily keep her commitment. She followed these 5 tips and in a matter of minutes, the ‘light bulb’ went off. “Of course, I’m going to take this opportunity and give my talk!”

Curious how it went? She delivered her presentation and got rave reviews.

See it really is possible to engage your virtual audience-even if you are crazy busy and they are too. Ready to present with impact? Impress your crowd, look great and give a dynamic virtual presentation in 10-minutes or less. You, too, can keep your promises, save your career, and save time by following these 5 tips.