What to Consider While Buying a Ladies Watch As a Christmas Present

Christmas day is the day of a lot of celebration and festivities. It commemorates the birth day of the Jesus. On this day, Christians from all over the world offer special prayers. The common customs practiced on the day of Christmas are gift giving, exchange of greeting cards, display of various decorations, including Christmas tree, lights, mistletoe, and nativity scenes. Christians organise many gatherings, music parties and do many other festive activities.

Apart from all the colours of the Christmas, the major element of the celebration is the gifts. A gift shows love and affection to the other person. It is the symbol of how much you remember and care for your loved ones. Everybody waits for the other to present a gift.

Of all the gifts of the Christmas, watch is a precious and long lasting gift. Especially, when we talk about the ladies gifts, watches are given the first priority. Buying ladies watch is not as simple as it seems to be. Watches are classified into sports watches, jewellery watches and dress watches. Before you buy a watch, many things should be kept in mind.

First thing is to see for whom you are buying the gift. No doubt, it is a timely gift for everybody, but the designs and styles may differ from person to person. It can be presented to your sweetheart, mother or your sister.

Before buying a watch, you should first set your budget range. Do not go for only one brand. Always visit the market first and then go for comparison shopping. You can find both local and international branded watches on variable prices.

Ladies watches are available in many designs. Apart from the relationship and the price, the taste of the person, to whom you are presenting, should also be kept in mind. For example, if the lady loves delicate and elegant watches, Bulova women diamond chronograph watch is the best choice. This elegant watch contains sixteen framed diamonds with a white pearl dial of Bulova. The case is made up of attractive and bright stainless steel.

Some women like to wear large dial watches and the others prefer small delicate dials. Before buying, the wish of the lady should be given the first preference. Seiko women Coutura diamond watches present the 26 millimetre case diameter with the sapphire crystals over the boundary.

The other thing you should keep in mind is the fashion. For women, who are fashion-conscious, the selection of a watch that is new and according to the fashion is the best. Companies keep on updating their collection. So, go for the new and unique designs.

Some women like sophisticated watches, like the watches with leather strap. Some like to wear watches with the straps embedded with precious crystals. The Cartier women Francaise Swiss quartz watches have crystal embedded and stainless steel bands. Seiko Watch is among top brand of watches.

The other criterion for the selection of the Christmas watch may be the colour of the dial and the strap. Companies present watches in wide range of colours and styles. Many companies offer wrist watches, especially designed for the festival of Christmas, having specific designs and colours of the occasion.

We can say that graceful watches are the ornament of the women. It is a timely gift that enhances the personality of a woman, giving her a matchless and flawless look.

Handling Hecklers – 5 Ways That Presenters Can Restore Order

How does that children’s rhyme go?

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.

Bull! If there is one thing that presenters dread more than forgetting their lines, it’s having someone add to their speech without an invitation. Unlike President Obama we don’t have a flock of Secret Service agents at our beck and call who can fan out into an audience and cart off an unruly heckler.

What should you do when someone in the audience starts to deliberately take away from your carefully rehearsed speech? Start crying and go home is always a possibility; however, I’ve got some better ways to deal with this situation for you…

What Is Heckling?
Maybe a good place for us to start this discussion is to make sure that we both fully understand just what heckling is. There are two types of heckling that you WILL have to deal with during one or more of your presentations: active and passive.

Active heckling occurs when someone in the audience starts talking back to you right in the middle of your speech. For a public speaker this often feels like you’ve just hit a speed bump in your speech while you were going 80 miles an hour. Talk about surprising!

Passive heckling is much closer to disrespect. This often shows up as people having their own conversations during your presentation. Normally this is their own call and you don’t really care, but if they are loud enough then it becomes your problem. Talking on a cell phone or having a huddle at the back of the room are common ways that this shows up.

No matter if you are speaking at a wedding, a graduation, or a business function, hecklers will ALWAYS be in the audience and it’s just a matter if they decide to speak up. First off, we should talk about what you should NOT do…

What Should You NOT Do?
I sorta like to think of this as the North Korea problem – man they are annoying, but they are so small as to not really count in the big scheme of things. Likewise, when you are faced with either an active or a passive heckler, you need to make sure that you don’t come out with guns ‘a blazing. Here are a few things that you should NOT do when you are trying to deal with a heckler:

  • Don’t try to be funny: this is the #1 response that trips up most presenters. They spend too much time trying to come up with a funny response to the heckler on the spot and it falls flat. A serious response will shut him/her up most of the time.
  • Don’t Lose Your Temper: I don’t care if you were just coming to that point in your speech which causes everyone to burst into tears and now this rude heckler has spoiled the moment. If you lose your temper, then you’ll never be able to get back into your speech after the moment has passed.

How To Correctly Handle A Heckler
Some hecklers are a one-shot deal – they make one comment and then they’ll go away forever. However, depending on what they’ve said, even this type of heckler needs to be dealt with. Dealing with all types of hecklers correctly is the key to being a successful public speaker. Here are 5 ways that you can deal with hecklers during your speech:

  1. Silence: Somewhat surprisingly the simplest solution is often the most effective. If you stop speaking and turn and stare at the heckler, everyone else will turn to see what you are looking at. In 95% of heckler cases this kind of social embarrassment is all that it takes to shut a heckler up.
  2. Tie Your Response To The Event: This is a clever way to remind the heckler why everyone is at the event. For example, if you were speaking at a breast cancer awareness event and started to have problems with a heckler, a great response would be “Hey, I’m talking here – unless you’ve discovered a way to beat breast cancer, how about if you just remain quiet”.
  3. Add The Heckler To Your Team: This technique turns an unexpected interruption into what appears to be a planned part of your speech. After the heckler has said what they are going to say, pause for a moment and thank your “speechwriter / joke writer / etc.”. The audience will laugh with you, the heckler will beam with pride, and you can go on.
  4. Give Them The Mic: This is a fairly drastic tactic, but it can pay great dividends. Walk over to where the heckler is sitting and offer to hand them the mic. Generally they will decline the offer and will get the point that this presentation is not all about them.
  5. Think Outside The Room: Certain hecklers, such as loud groups at the back of the room, can resist all efforts on your part to overcome them. This calls for innovative thinking. One way to handle this is either for you or your audience to move. You can move out into the center of your audience and deliver your speech “in the round” or you can have them move their chairs in order to be closer to you.

Presentation and Customer Attraction Are Essential for the Small Retailer

It’s challenging to make a great thing out of something small and not so attractive, such as a small shop, but it can be done. Management, presentation of wares, and a welcoming environment are a start. During my time in business there were two situations in which such was faced. The first was a baby shop in an out-of-the-way location while the second was a flower and plant shop next to a railway station.

In the first case the shop was housed in an old building, the toilet was around the back requiring the door to be closed for attendance, and it was a fair way from the shopping drag. With practically no finance to start and doing it mostly on credit and with the help of my father the shop opened after some 3 weeks of signing the lease.

There was no money for advertising and the trade was expected to come from the movie theatre opposite and the milk bar next door. Those attending the first would often cross the road to buy things at the second. On the way they had to pass my premises. The bus route also passed the door.

My chance of attracting the attention of passers-by was through the display in the two windows. It meant leaving them illuminated overnight and putting the best of my stock into it. Setting one up as a nursery with a cradle and other furniture was a good start. The other was dressed with babies clothing.

After two years and with a second shop in the main shopping centre of the town both were sold for a profit. It wasn’t a huge gain but the main thing is that they never made a loss.

In my next venture which began when landscape designing gave me an income it was a different story. The premises were in a prime location and my efforts in attracting customers through the landscaping business paid dividends. The shop had a set of stairs up from the street and lining them with flowers made a fabulous display.

The staff numbers of 20 carried out garden maintenance tasks as well as completing the designs from plans and run the shop. The crux of it was presentation. Unlike the first shop’s location this one had everything. The smell of the flowers welcomed people. It was also the passageway to the very popular Chinese Restaurant above. Some famous people who easily opened their wallets were regular buyers.

The bottom line for any business is location while presentation and customer attraction will always see it do better.

Norma Holt has knowledge that enables her to understand many issues. Political, social and behavioural problems are usually on her list for discussion as well as anything to do with the Spirit of the Universe and reincarnation, which she experienced. She is happy to hear from any of her readers.